Measurement Results

In cooperation with an Energy consultant from Ecofellows Ltd. – Ekokumppanit Oy our Erasmus-team has made some measurements in order to improve the Energy Efficiency of our school. Tap water pressure The recommended water pressure in water taps is 6l/ min for washing hands and 12l/ min in the kitchen and shower. In order to…

National Energy Saving Week

During the National Energy Saving week 2017 we will challenge the teachers and students in our school to create memes, which encourage to save energy and nature. They will be placed in the classrooms and hallways  

Visiting Pohjolankatu 18-20

On September 7th 2017 the Finnish team visited Pohjolankatu 18-20, a building in the same district as our school, which is now probably the greenest in Tampere. The building was renovated within the EU-funded EU-GUGLE -project. The gem in the building is a thermal heating system, which feeds all excess heat into the city’s network….

Innovation Day Helsinki 10.5.

I was happy to get a chance to visit the InnoDay-event, to get to think of new ideas on products and marketing etc. The event was quite noisy and overwhelming, thus it was a bit hard to concentrate and I think I would’ve got a lot more out of it had the surroundings been calmer….


Please have a look at our Newsletter from February and March 2017.

Innovation Event in Tampere 28.-30.3.

Please read the diaries of both the Danish and the Finnish teams and watch this Vlog to get a taste of our inspiring three days at the Innovation Event in Tampere! Please find an outline of our programme below: 28.3. We picked up our guests at the railway station at 18.56 and  walked to our…

Visiting Nekstiili

On 9.2.2017 we visited Nekstiili in Nekala, Tampere. Nekstiili is a non-profit organisation, that recycles textiles. They get old clothes from people. The clothes can be in good shape or even somehow broken. They first check out what kind of condition the clothes are in. Then the recycling project starts. Those clothes that are in…


You can read our Newsletter  from December 16 to January 17 here.

Ecohub workshop at Crossing Borders in Humlebaek

We were invited to the Ecohub worshop at Crossing Borders in Humlebaek/ Denmark on January 17th 2017. The topic of the workshop was “Empowering Eco-Entrepreneurship Start-ups” and the aim was to share knowledge and experience toward empowering Eco-Entrepreneurship Start-ups in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Along with us, there were participants from Ghana, Japan, Korea, South…

Let´s save food from the bin!

On Monday, December 12th we organised a “waste food day” at our school. In our discussions, two environmental challenges had kept coming up. One observation was, that young people buy quite a lot of clothes. Some of them are cheap and don’t last very long, others are soon forgotten in the drawer. Another observation was…

We’re doing as good as hell!

On the 25th of November you can choose between Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day. We chose to hear the lecture “Helvetin hyvin menee – It’s going as good as hell”, which was organised in connection with the waste reduction week in Tampere. In the panel there were Professor Esko Valtaoja and Osmo Soininvaara, Member…

Heikki Waris from Coreorient

Heikki Waris visited us on 11.11. in order to discuss the Talkootori-project with us and to tell us about his experiences as an Eco-Entrepreneur. d d