Innovation Day Helsinki 10.5.

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I was happy to get a chance to visit the InnoDay-event, to get to think of new ideas on products and marketing etc. The event was quite noisy and overwhelming, thus it was a bit hard to concentrate and I think I would’ve got a lot more out of it had the surroundings been calmer. What I thought was especially nice though was getting the possibility to answer already existing companies’ surveys, it was a nice forum for the young to get their opinions heard, for example on responsible dairy production and bread packaging of the future.


Today we were at the innoday event. It was very nice. There was 8 stands for example from Valio (finnish food company), Lumo and Vaasa (finnish bread and pastry company).

We had a chance to desing our dream bread at vaasa and our dream house at lumo. Also we were given an empty milk container without any labels on it and we had to desing new kind of milk container.

Also there was this competition innogame where we got points from our innovation (like that milk container).



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