Innovation Event in Tampere 28.-30.3.

Please read the diaries of both the Danish and the Finnish teams and watch this Vlog to get a taste of our inspiring three days at the Innovation Event in Tampere!

Please find an outline of our programme below:


We picked up our guests at the railway station at 18.56 and  walked to our school nearby, where we cooked something quick, easy and delicious using “pulled oats” –  a finnish innovation, that has been on everyones lips in Finland during the past year – albeit not concretely, because the production cannot keep up with the big demand. We watched the following video and had a short discussion.

Designing food Case Pulled Oats | Maija Itkonen | Slush 2016

For dessert we had traditional finnish blueberry pie – unforgettably in the light of smartphones, after the lights went out.


08.15 Breakfast at Aamurusko

09.00-11.30 Debate lead by Reetta and her Debate team from Tampereen yhteiskoulun lukio

11.30-12.15 Lunch

12.15-13.45 Presentation of IOs and planning for the Event on Thursday

13.45 travelling to Hervanta. Bus 6 at 13.56

14.30 Tampere University of Technology. Festia-building. Pieni sali 2.

We heard about the basics and appliances of bio- and circular economy, with emphasis on bio economy; how microbes produce electricity, waxes, hydrogen and methane etc. How can we salvage nutrients from waste and waste water and produce biogas for traffic fuel with examples from Tampere?

Tour in the City/ Dinner at Plevna


8.15– Visiting the company “Koneet kiertoon” 30-45 min

9.00-9.45 Visiting classes

Kasia: English group. Teacher Anni

Eric: Swedish group Kristiina 301

CO2-committee: Swedish group Kaija 302

10.00-11.30 Event in the assembly hall

10.05 Music and Welcome opening remarks by the principal of Kalevan lukio High School

10.10 Presentation of the eco-hub project concept, partners and activities by Sofia, Garba and Kasia

10.20 Finnish Member of Parliament, Harri Jaskari. Speech and Q/A

11.00 The presentation of Gilbert Ecological Cleaning Company in Sweden by Eric Clarke and Making your school green with Eco Group

11.30 Lunch at school

12.30- 14.00 visiting Nekstiili

Home journey

After some coffee and bisquits at Kalevan lukio it was time for goodbyes at the railway station at 15.07

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