Nuoret Apuun -project in cooperation with Coreorient

We were interested to learn about Piggybaggy‘s road from inspiration to innovation. What happened along the way and was it rocky at times?

To learn about this, our Swedish and Danish parnters can read this article in Swedish.

We, on the other hand, were hoping to meet the CEO of Coreorient in person, so we contacted him in order to ask him for an interview or a skype conference, to which he agreed. Two days later, Harri Paloheimo got back to us with an amazing offer:

He invited our students to participate in the testing and development of their new solution Talkootori in Tampere. You can read about the project in English here. Currently, the company is cooperating with various municipal agencies of Tampere to develop a service, through which all kind of people can participate easily in occasional voluntary work directly in private housholds.

This service provides meaningfull activities for the long-term-unemployed, provides CV-material for young people and promotes the integration of immigrants while it offers more help to those in need, such as elderly people and families with children.

Students work in occasional jobs all around the world, but they might also be interested in voluntary work, if it is made easy enough and fits in their lives.

Of course we embraced this rare opportunity to concretely be part of this process of developing, testing and applying a new solutiuon. Coreorient applied for a grant form the HundrEd– foundation.

Watch this video to find out, what HundrEd is about:

Based on our experienes the aim is to find a model which works for various agencies and also in other cities and municipalities. Later, this concept and good practices can be multiplied in other upper secondary schools in Finland in order to promote the active citizenship of the students.

After our pilot project, the idea is to broaden the specturm to other functions such as occasional jobs, the profit of which will be automatically transferred to common-good purposes such as school trip accounts.

Our project name in Hundred is Nuoret Apuun – youth to help.


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