Visiting Nekstiili

nekstiili 1

On 9.2.2017 we visited Nekstiili in Nekala, Tampere.

Nekstiili is a non-profit organisation, that recycles textiles. They get old clothes from people. The clothes can be in good shape or even somehow broken. They first check out what kind of condition the clothes are in. Then the recycling project starts. Those clothes that are in really good condition can be sold in Nekstiili’s store. Some clothes are repaired and sold or if the cloth has lots of holes or something like that it can be made to something totally new (old jeans →new bag). They always take buttons and zippers out if they can be re-used. If there is nothing else to be done with the piece of clothing, it can be shredded until it’s back to the fibre state and then send to the another company that can use it.


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