Feedback 2016-2017

The most valuable experiences you get in school rarely come from ordinary classroom situations, counting the radius of a circle or rehearsing for a vocabulary test. Instead, the things you’ll remember and cherish later on are the small moments you had with friends, interesting projects and fun activities you took part in. The “EcoEntrepreneurship” Erasmus project will definitely be one of those for me.

What I liked so much about the project is that we really got to do things ourselves and shape the project as we wanted it to be, instead of just passively listening. It was quite a spectrum of different things we did this year, from thinking of new innovations ourselves and visiting interesting lectures to organising a food waste event. Can’t of course forget our trip to Copenhagen either, or the wonderful time we had when we had guests here in Tampere from Denmark and Sweden. These are opportunities to really get to know people and organisations abroad that you don’t get everyday.

I’d recommend the project to anyone who is even the least bit interested in ecological issues or entrepreneurship. The contacts and practical skills you earn from a project like this are remarkably important and beneficial for anyone’s future. if you have a chance to take the opportunity, go for it.


This project has really taught me much about enviroment and eco entrepreneurship. It has also taught me those basic skills like how to speak better English and how to connect with new people. I would totally recommend this projekt to everyone who are even a little bit interested in environment.