Diary of the CO2-Team

On the 28th of March we took to Finland. We were a group of five students from Espergærde Gymnasium & HF who represent the school’s CO2-committee. We were travelling through Crossing Borders as a part of Eco-Hub.

28th of March

At the day of our arrival we were picked up by Sofia, a teacher from the Finnish school, Kalevan Lukio. She escorted us to the school were we made dinner with some of the Finnish students.  We were here introduced to the new product, pulled oats, and we watched a short video presentation about the whole idea with pulled oats, which inspired us to have more vegetarian options in the school cafeteria.

29th of March

debate 4

The next morning started with a debate led by some of the Finnish students. We were introduced to the basics of debating and the subject was vegetarian options in a school cafeteria. After having lunch at the school we visited Tampere University of Technology where we heard presentations about how to reduce the CO2 level in the world. Afterwards we went on a tour in the city where we tasted the best donuts in the city and they were delicious.

30th of March

The following morning, which was our last morning in Tampere, we went to a computer shop that recycles old computers and put new software in them so they can work properly again. Afterwards we went back to the school where we made a short presentation of our work in different classes.

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Later that day, we were a part of an event in the assembly hall of the school. The event started with some music and welcome opening remarks by the principal of Kalevan lukio High School. The Finnish Member of Parliament, Harri Jaskari gave a speech about the climate changes around the world. After this, there was a presentation of the eco-hub project concept, partners and activities led by Sofia, Garba and Kasia, who all are members of Crossing Borders. In addition, we made a detailed presentation of our achievements and lastly Eric Clark, who also travelled with us, made a presentation of his company, Gilbert Ecological Cleaning Company in Sweden. Before travelling home to Denmark we made a visit at a company, which recycles textiles and sell them. After three inspiring days, we were off to Denmark.

We want to thank Crossing Borders, Sofia and the Finnish students for making this journey possible.

Kind regards,

The CO2-Committee of Espergærde Gymnasium & HF