Mapping Eco Entreprises and -Innovations in Tampere and Region


Professional organisers help you get rid of all the extra stuff in your apartment so you will have a more spacious home, where everything has its place


Provides various renewable energy solutions to both companies and private households. They provide solar energy sysyems, solar heating systems and industrial wind power systems. They also provide mapping and planning projects for renevable energy.


A small companu with big goals. They want to develop the society to be more sustainable and efficient by helping both citizens and companies to look at their everyday activities in a new way.

Solutions by Coreorient:


Ride-sharing for goods.

“Neighbors and businesses can now share the costs of transporting goods. This helps us all save time, money and the environment. It is especially useful with the constantly rising price of oil. Join the transport revolution!”


24h tool rental and self-service point at Teurastamo


The 24/7 Local Community spaces ease the scheduling challenges of anyone placing home delivery orders (the items can be delivered to the hub). Also people get to rent infrequently used items and tools locally allowing them to save space at their homes.


Non-profit organisation. EcoFellows Ltd. produces information, guidance, educational, and expert services on the field of sustainable way of living and operating. Company is commited to promote sustainable way of living in all of its actions.


The EU-GUGLE project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of nearly-zero energy building renovation models in view of triggering large-scale, Europe-wide replication in smart cities and communities by 2020.


We proudly represent dozens of the cutest original Finnish ecodesign labels: clothes, jewellery, accessories and all things hip, cool and handmade. We also have a sweet retro and vintage collection.

Hembula Design

Produces jewlery from recycled glass and pieces of production waste

Intoa Design

Design and produce clothes and home textiles from used jeans and other materials


Will fix your iphone or other devices.

Koneet kiertoon

They “revive” used computers by installing a lighter and faster operating system. Sell repaired computers and spare parts. Buy, donate, repair!


An application which reduces food waste. Through this application, you can buy left-over food from restaurants at a cheaper price.


Nekstiili is a Non Profit Organisation that receive all kinds of used textiles: old, new, torn, intact, dirty or clean. All donations are sorted and reused. If it is possible to use the product for its original purpose (which is the most ecological option), they are sold as such. Some of the textiles are turned into products at the Workshop in connection with Nextiili, some of the textiles and rescued buttons, zippers and the like are sold in the Nextiili Shop to consumers or Eco Entrepreneurs, and some given for free to schools. All leftover textile goes into making cleaning cloths for industry.

moumou Design

Bags and jewelry from leftover materials

Punainen ruukku

Ceramics. All leftover material is used. Even the smallest drops of glaze are used in jewelry. In some products waste glass is used.



An initiative by Ekokumppanit. Promote the region of Tampere as a cycling region for tourists

Pyynikin pienpukimo

They sew crowns and Native American headdress, super hero masks from recycled material and bags for shopping vegetables from old lace curtains.


An application which reduces food waste. Through this application, you can buy left-over food from restaurants at a cheaper price.


The branch of the company is the production ,import, wholesale and retail of products , which promote savings in energy and rawmaterial as well as the construction of a society that is in harmony with nature.

Suomen poistotekstiili

The aim is to promote the recycling of used textiles and reduce textile waste in Finland. Their aim is also to increase the awareness about textile recyclability among consumers and companies


Headwear and jewelry from industry leftovers and other recycled materials

Tampere Re-Cycling

Repairs old bikes. The aim is to prolong the life span of bikes and encourage the inhabitants of Tampere to cycle. Also comes to your home to repair your bike – travelling with his electric hybrid bike

Vihree kala

Produces cool clothes and accessories form recycled materials, main product new jeans from old jeans. The aim is a new and more durable life for abandoned textiles.