Seminar in Malmö 15.-18.10.2017


Please find the Event-Brochure here!

In October we had the opportunity to travel to Malmö for ”72h Sustainability Jam”. The main focus of the event was developing sustainable business ideas in small groups. Despite some organizational problems I ended up having a really good time, meeting a lot of interesting people and being more inspired to keep working for a more sustainable future.

In our group we wanted to provide better education on climate change for young students, so we created “Climaction”, a network and package for teachers to improve the situation. I really enjoyed developing this project together with youth from Finland, South-Korea and the Maldives, and this is something I could see myself doing in the future.

The biggest value this event offered to me came with the people though. Meeting other conscious and motivated people left me feeling inspired to keep going. Attending this event made me even more sure that I want to study environmental sciences and work on making the world at least a bit better place.



Travel diary

At the first day in Malmö university we had to introduced ourselves. I went to front of the class and told my name and my element, which was sea. And why the sea? Because it`s beautiful, mysterious and it connecting people. We also heard lots of presentations and speeches.

Then we split into groups and talked about some ideas, how we could make the world better place. It was first little bit awkward because we didn`t know each other. We had some ideas of housing, but then I got my idea of clothes made of plastic and Elie liked it. So next day when we went to the Malmö sustainability center were  we talked about our idea. And we developed it with Darja, Ahmed and Ilari. We made new brand name Nemo. It`s clothing brand, that makes clothes out of plastic what is collected from the ocean. We want to make “cool” clothes something that we would want to wear.

It was great to hear others ideas too. Like food waste application and stove that works with solar power. Everybody had really good ideas. We also introduced the research that we did in our school and everybody were surprisingly interested of it.

The best thing in this trip was to get to know all these amazing people and get new friends from them. It was so interesting to talk with them. We talked about Christmas and how different it is all over the world. We also talked about future plans, hobbies and global and local issues. I heard of the poor treatment of cows in India.

I also learned few words in japan which was awesome. And I got to taste this food mix that had tastes all from Asia. (ごちそうさま = gochisousama = thank you for meal)

I also joined in Crossing borders and I hope I can be part of some projects like these in future. Amazing was to see how worry about the Earth is connecting people all over the world! Thank you for the trip.