tampere 17

The CO2-committee is a committee that improves our school, Espergærde Gymnasium & HF. We work for a better environment and a greener future. We consist of teachers, members from the school management, caretakers and students. We do not only deliver green technology to our school, but we work to improve the educational environment and make the school more comfortable. Although we are a committee that works in the shadows, we have achieved many results. We have replaced our old extraction system with a new greener one, installed solar cells, purchased green bikes, replaced the regular water used for flushing in toilets with rainwater, changed the lighting to LED-lighting and much, much more. As a result of our work we have a whole CO2-neutral section. In addition, we have many external partners such as DONG energy, which we are really proud of, and because we buy wind power from them we have made the school free from fossil fuels. Moreover we go on a lot of excursions, were we can get inspired to start new projects, and we also participate in many conferences, award ceremonies etc. We have for example won Denmark’s environmental award and we are very proud of it! We have meetings once a week and every students in the school can join our committee.